Friday, September 21, 2012

Pre-2005 Artwork

After seeing my awesome artist friend's blog on here, I finally broke down and started one myself. This is going to be dedicated to my art stuff. I will start an entirely separate blog about all my ranting and raving lunacy that I'm perhaps also known for. Here, it's about the pictures!

So I guess I'll get started where I got started way back in the day with some very old pieces. Some of these are original and some are studies, so I will clarify which is which. Any studies are definitely not for sale because, well, I can't legally sell them. Haha, duh.

This first guy is just a really old oil I did back before I knew anything about technique or mixing. This was done probably around '93 or so, I'm not sure. It may have been later on in high school, but it was a long time ago. Of course it is oil paint on like some crappy piece of paper I think, haha. I think it actually started out as a landscape drawing and I changed it because I was clearly over my head at the time. I couldn't just paint those darn 'happy little clouds' like Mr. Ross!

It was definitely original. I had to turn it around a few times to see if I could make sense of it, and I think in this orientation it sort of looks like a dude. Maybe a popper or flower or something?. Still, I actually ended up liking it, so I called it Afro

This next one was probably about early to mid high school. Just a study of a photo of Erykah Badu, back when I was obsessed with her tunes. Medium is obviously graphite. I sort of rushed through this one, so I'm kind of blah on it, but its not that terrible, I don't think.

This next one was one of those crazy high school paintings on assignment. This was an original, obviously. I think I only had an hour to do this, so it was a mad rush trying to get it done. It looks sooo second grade, but whatever, I had to get it done. We had to draw varying geometric shapes in various sizes using various colors, and they all had to have some distinction to make them proprietary. Due to the time we had to do it, I kept mine super simple....two rings around each one. I probably got a b on it or something. This art teacher was crazy. Medium was watercolor. I don't remember what I called it, like Crappy High School Painting or something along those lines.

This next one was another high school painting. I believe it was my art 1 final, but it was for a different class. Oh no, wait, that teacher 'promoted' me from art 1 to art 3. Cuz, you know, you can't start in art 3 with the way those prerequisite things work. I plead with my counselor, but he stuck me in art 1 anyway. My teacher thought it wasn't the right placement though, and transfered me on the first day of class. Sweet.

Anyway, about the actual painting, this one is also a study, but it was my first 'real' painting. Well, at least the first painting I was ever proud of up to that point. This one we had two classes, or 2 hours to do it, so again it was a mad rush, but I was so happy when it was done. I call it The Iceclimber, and it was a study of a national geographic photo.

This is just some rasta lion I drew. Not sure if it was a study or not, because I used to draw these damned cats at will. It was probably a study of some weed festival or some reggae concert promo ad. Maybe Marley Fest or something? Anyway, its just marker on posterboard.

This is one of my favorite studies of a well-known wizard image. It is stippled using a caligraphy pen and oil-based pigment ink. I think. Yeah, sounds good on paper so I'll stick to it. I just love this one, but again, just another study!

This was a character I was working on for a comic book I started writing, but never actually worked it into something. Another un-finished project (mental note to self, finish story and draw pictures). Original, ink on paper. Mostly crap really ( I have dozens of other drawings/characters than this one that look better, but I'm being lazy at the moment and don't want to bust them all out from my portfolio and stuff.

Study from a vodka ad. I did this for a stippling project and I think I got a 'D' on it for not following the directions. Apparently the 100 hours I worked on this thing weren't enough to make up for the fact that I filled in parts flat black because I couldn't get that area dark enough using stippling. Yeah, D an art 1 high school. I'm telling you, that teacher was crazy! Friggin you know how many dots I put on that damned paper!

So there you have some of my pretty early work. I have sooooo much work out there, half of it I don't recognize when my friends come up to me and ask if I remember drawing it for them! I can clearly tell it is in my style, but have no recollection whatsoever of actually doing it.

Anyway, I hope I don't get in trouble for putting up copies I did of photos from magazines in high school. I only put these up here to give you an idea of some of my early learning projects. I'm obviously not making moneys off them, so hopefully all will be kosher.

Next up I am going to start adding things I've done much more recently. I still do studies, but only for the purpose of trying to figure out a particular technique. So that will be coming up shortly. Thanks for looking, and if you see something you like, make me an offer! Well, obviously not on this early crap and studies, haha.

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